Aquarium Lighting Requirments

Aquarium Lighting Requirments

Aquarium Lighting Requirements For Any Aquarium

If you have a lighting system with both daylight (white bulbs) and actinic (blue bulbs) it is best to have the actinic blue lights come on 1 hour to 1.5 hours after the daylight bulbs turn off. This is easily done by using light timers.

Set the timers so the white daylight bulbs stay on 8-9 hours a day and then the actinic lights (blue) come on after. Fish Only Aquarium

Fish only saltwater aquariums do not need bright lighting. Provide 1-2 watts per gallon. Reef Aquarium ~Most soft corals can do well under VHO fluorescent or power compact fluorescent lighting. Provide 3-5 watts per gallon. If you have a 60 gallon aquarium with soft corals you should have from 180 to 300 watts of light no matter how much live rock you have in the aquarium. Aquariums with soft and large polyped stony hard corals should have 4-6 watts of light per gallon. Aquariums with soft and small polyped stony corals should have 7-10 watts of light per gallon. Metal Halide Lights

​Metal Halide lights are the best choice for reef tanks with stony corals of any type. They create a nicer lighting effect for the aquarium as well. The downfall of metal halides is that they create more heat than fluorescent bulbs and require more ventilation and sometimes a chiller to prevent your aquarium from overheating. Metal Halides should be mounted 12-15″ high over the aquarium either by hanging them from a ceiling or making a canopy for the lights to be mounted into which sits on top of the aquarium. Metal Halides are the best bulbs for reef keepers provided you take the necessary measures to ensuring your tank doesn’t overheat .

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